Based in North Carolina, USA, Cognitive Buffer is a blog by Brian Downs. His posts reimagine ideas, discover hidden nuances, and analyze phenomena that may have not been obvious at first glance.


Cognitive Buffer, a wide-ranging blog, will synthesize connections and highlight nuances that may not have been so obvious at first glance. In computer science, a buffer receives information at one speed and transmits at another. Separately, the Cognitive Buffer Hypothesis in developmental biology suggests that the disproportionately large brains of humans allow us to better deal with environmental challenges.  

Process intrigues me, and I believe that the journey is more important than the destination.  I discovered many of these ideas in my own journaling, influenced by my interest in the humanities. I practice medicine, but this is not a medical blog; however, health care concepts may intermittently creep onto these pages.

Cognitive Buffer will provide a fresh perspective as it presents ideas in a new light and discusses people, events, sports, experiences, and philosophies.

Use Your Head, Part 1